About us

We are known as a reliable supplier.

At INTHERPLAS we help our clients in a personalized way to solve their problems by offering them an excellent service.

Since 2003 have been working with ISO quality standards and have the following certifications:

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO TS 16949


Founded in 1984 by Ing. Dieter von der Heyde.

INTHERPLAS initially specialized itself in the manufacturing and sales of bending and unwinding machines for steel sheet and wire.

INTHERPLAS is a family business. Not only in the sense that it is managed by the family, but also because we make sure that every person involved feels part of the group.
This marked style of management of the von der Heyde family, allows worthy work and fair treatment of all of the employees.

Respect, empathy and understanding mark the personal relationship within the company.